Lauras USA will deliver rapid, sustainable process improvement for your organization.

    Exceptional Proven Experts

    With decades of experience in operations process improvement, we identify, analyze and offer strategies and tools that are proven to streamline existing operational processes, resulting in new standards of quality and lean operations. Learn more about our tools and methods.

    Confirmed Solutions

    Projects consistently deliver more than expected. Your organization will realize sustained results and a higher long term rate of improvement that will remain embedded into updated protocol. We're proud of the results we deliver. Learn more from some of our case studies.

    Rapid Results

    Our unique rapid lean approach results in almost immediate improvement. Sustainable streamlining of processes and operations are a result of our dual "bottom-up" and "top-down" approach for implementing change. Learn more about the Rapid Lean approach.

    Manufacturing and Process

    Lauras USA consultants work with our partners to identify opportunity and implement specific programs to improve performance quickly and use the cash generated to fund sustainable development.


    Bottlenecks and throughput issues can have severe implications to pharmaceutical plants, inhibiting process flow, producing rising inventory levels and preventing deliveries from matching customer demand and commitments. Lauras USA team has 25 years of experience in optimizing the performance of pharma production and supply chain operations. We assist out partners in developing high performance solutions to eliminate loss and maximize profits.


    Lauras USA team consists of seasoned healthcare consulting professionals and industry thought leaders. Our team assists hospitals, physician groups, and health systems in designing, developing, and implementing high performing and high reliability healthcare solutions.