Total Productive Maintenance

Developing Reliability through Maintenance Best Practices

Manufacturing and Process operations are often confronted with a seemingly invisible barrier,after having achieved better performance.   Once up time and service delivery goals are met,  you start to notice that when things go wrong the impact is far greater because more valuable output is lost. At the root of this problem lies maintenance strategy and the solution lies with TPM – Total Productive Maintenance. The essential elements of TPM consist of 3 parts:

  • Effective problem solving
  • A maintenance strategy combining a range of maintenance approaches dependent on asset criticality and equipment type, plus a role within maintenance for operators and shop floor personnel to ensure basic equipment condition (gives them ownership and involvement in the care of their machines)
  • A system for making capital investments that includes all the learning from elements 1 and 2 ensuring equipment is optimized at the design phase, and to implement an effective maintenance regime from day 1.

How are we different to other TPM providers?

  1. We have Japanese trained expertise with over 15 years of experience implementing TPM and Asset Care in some of the world’s largest and best known companies.
  2. Our experts have achieved savings running into many hundreds of million dollars.\
  3. We have worked with plants that have achieved levels of technical reliability of 99.8% for over 12 months.