Asset Care

High reliability does not have to be expensive — in fact, production operations functioning with high reliability usually have a lower overall cost than those struggling with low reliability.

A combined maintenance approach involving operators and engineers working together is the best way to increase reliability.  The initial approach uses combined Autonomous (operator led) and Professional (trades led) Maintenance to target a 95% reduction in unplanned stoppages.  At the same time operators learn more about the detail of the way machines work from the maintenance team enabling them to start to spot the early stages of problems.

Asset Care activities allow operators to increase their mechanical ability and take ownership for their equipment. They learn to perform simple maintenance tasks, freeing up the engineering team to perform pro-active rather than reactive duties.

The process itself includes the building of machine ledgers, analysis of existing approaches to preventative maintenance, current PM schedules, and Clean Inspect & Tag exercises.

Clean, Inspect, & Tag

These workshops stabilize conditions that that time-based maintenance can work effectively.  The equipment is put back to basic conditions, early defects are identified, and a tagging system is used to both improve the asset condition, and eliminate sources of contamination.

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