Pharma Industry Process Improvement

In pharmaceutical plants, throughput is often limited by equipment capability, as opposed to labor.   When equipment rather than lPharma adjust machine 3abor levels becomes the bottleneck, throughput limitations can’t be resolved by adding additional operators or by planning overtime. As many pharma plants run around the clock on a 24/7 schedule, scheduling extra shifts is not an option.  Lauras team has 25 years of experience in both optimizing the performance of the bottleneck resources and optimizing bottleneck scheduling.

Typical process production issues we attack jointly with our partners are:

  • Identify equipment capacity and performance issues
  • Identify yield losses and requirement reliability problems
  • Uncover unused or idle capacity
  • Uncover production bottlenecks that can vary as product mix changes
  • Understand where hidden inventory or WIP materials may be adding to variability and throughput issues

Using advanced problem solving, learn how Lauras increased the OEE of a pharmaceutical production line by 38%: Learn More

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