Vision and Mission Statement

Lauras International Vision

Lauras International’s vision is to be the premier improvement support to businesses.

Lauras International Mission Statement

Our aspiration is to use the Lauras International Intellectual Property, and our own skills and ability to become the premier provider of all types of improvement support to businesses globally.

Our primary experience and focus is in manufacturing, and we are developing the approach in other sectors.  We have an extensive track record for delivering results oriented solutions that reduce cost, improve quality, and transfer skills.

We provide value to our clients through releasing the available opportunity for improvement within a business to deliver sustainably improved returns to the bottom line. We successfully transfer skills by educating all levels of personnel in a business, and developing champions within an organisation to own and drive the ongoing improvement process.

We typically deliver more profit improvement than has already been identified in an organisation, and we deliver it faster, and not only leave sustainable improvements, but leave the local teams with the ability to drive an ongoing enhanced rate of improvement.