The Lauras methods really work – because we don’t get paid until results are demonstrated, and results are guaranteed to be sustainable, we know precisely how to implement the best of both lean and six sigma, along with some of our own tools developed in-house to give a really rapid return.  Our change management expertise ensures we spot the things that prevent or slow down the rate of improvement, and because our personnel have all worked within businesses themselves, we know how to help put things right too.

We’ve put together some resources to help get the message across of what needs to be done to change your factory for the better, and get quick results as you do it.

  • Improvement
    Is Improvement a fairy tale? Or your New Year’s Resolution?
  • The Impact Workshop Experience
    Wonder what it’s like to be part of an Impact Workshop? See it through the eyes of someone who’s experienced one first hand.
  • What is Lean?
    Discover what the key principles of lean are without getting bogged down in jargon
  • Links
    Useful links to other websites