The Seven Wastes

This training helps people develop the 7 wastes for themselves, and arrive at the tactics required to do something about them. This is very good for helping people understand improvement, and generates long term sustainability – however, it should be considered a 2nd phase initiative – it does not provide sufficiently rapid results for 1st phase interventions.

This lively factory simulation game teaches the principles of the 7 wastes.

  • Operator movement

  • Transportation

  • Defects

  • Waiting (Idle Time)

  • Inappropriate Processing

  • Overproduction

  • Unnecessary Inventory

The team are given a simulated assembly operation to operate, and learn through practice, trial and error how to improve it. Along every step of the way, the performance is measured – which allows the team to see the impacts of removing waste on profit.

By the end of the game, participants can identify each type of waste in their own work area, and know how to go about reducing them as part of the day to day.
Oh and they’ll have great fun along the way. Don’t take our word for it, see some of the feedback we’ve received from those who have participated:

  • ‘I had heard of the Seven Wastes before but didn’t know what to expect when I came on the course, I thought I might get bored but it was excellent. It was also fun.
  • ‘Very enjoyable course learning wastes in the factory and saving company money
  • ‘The particular aspect of the course that I liked was the interactive nature – learning from doing.’

Interested? This course can be run either as stand-alone, or as part of a customised programme with guaranteed results. If you would like to find out more, contact us.