Lauras International provides all types of improvement support to business:

Opportunity Assessments

  • The first step on the rapid improvement journey is to identify the size of the opportunity and to then devlop the best plan to recover it.
  • If a organization, department or process isn’t performing, identify the key issues, and what needs to be done to rapidly improve performance.
  • Review the site’s current approach towards improvement.

Implementation Projects

Lauras International offers a range of tailored solutions to drive improvement in the most effective way possible.  Read about some of the approaches we use:

  • Implementation of Rapid Lean
  • Aspire training coaching and mentoring
  • Implementation of TPM (Asset care with early identification and management of issues prior to failure.)
  • Improvement champion training for businesses that are looking to bring the ability to repeat workshops, and sustain improvement after our experts leave the site.
  • Measures system support, and meeting coaching – this ensures that the business is highlighting the right issues, and assigning people to continually address the root cause of issues impacting performance.


Interim Managers

  • When there is a short-term need to fill an operational role with someone experienced and with 1st class operational skills – Lauras USA can help.


  • Passing on relevant knowledge and experience regarding operational management and improvement over a sustained period of time. The aim is to develop the skills of the mentee to maximize team potential.

For further information on how Lauras USA can offer real improvements to your business contact us.