Meeting Coaching

Effective meetings are the driving force behind business performance, unfortunately good meeting practice is far too rare.

Meetings are there to decide on actions to issues raised, and ensure that someone is accountable for the completion of that action.  Issues should be raised based on facts, and accountabilities agreed, recorded, and followed up. Lauras have significant expertise in coaching managers of all levels into good meeting practice, and to ensure that an effective meeting structure is in place that supports improvement.  Where necessary, Lauras can also put in place simple systems that support decision making based on facts.

For more automated information systems, we can help specify the exact information and reporting that is necessary to help drive improvement, and work with suppliers of systems that we have seen have great systems that can add value to your business.

If you would like to find out more about making your meetings really effective, then contact us, and check out the resources section for the meetings tip cards.

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