The results achieved by Lauras USA are significant:  Lauras is very results-focused, and likes to measure its results in terms of $$$ returned in real benefit, as measured by the clients themselves.  Our performance guarantee exists because we know that our approach to improvement really works, and can be made to work every time.

On top of rapid results, we deliver a change in thinking at all organizational levels, and the maturity towards improvement that site teams develop.

Recommended implementations come with a guaranteed return — exactly how much is determined at the assessment phase, and depends on the sector, and the size of the prize and what resources will be required to recover it — but we generally operate on a payback timeframe between 6 weeks and 6 months.

The projects we are most proud of are the ones where we help already good businesses become great — these businesses go on to maintain a higher rate of improvement themselves — and many of these have gone on to win business awards.

Improvement Goals over 3 years

20-30% reduction in manufacturing or process controllable costs over 3 years – if you are serious about making a real change to your cost base, we can put you in touch with senior managers of businesses who have already made this happen.  It’s not all our doing – the credit from results like these really have to go to the employees and teams themselves – but we’re proud to be part of it.