1. The rapid lean journey starts with assessment of the opportunity and building a plan for improvement.
  2. Next, management workshops and knowledge transfer to ensure that all levels of management are prepared to support the improvement journey
  3. Improvement workshops with process-level personnel then drive the actual rapid improvement.
  4. As results come through to the bottom line, it is time to support all the necessary systems and processes developed for the sustainability.   Changes in processes, support and nurturing of new ideas are all key elements in the development of a culture of continuous improvement.


Every organization and process is different, but an assessment will determine the size of the opportunity and demonstrate that Lauras Rapid Lean tools can be applied. This takes between 3 days and 4 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the site or department to be assessed.


The site management must own the newly developed plan for results to be genuinely sustainable.  The Lauras staff will then mentor and support the  executive team, who over time  will then learn how to drive the results themselves.


Change is most effectively delivered by process-level employees/staff.  These individuals  genuinely understand the problems, and have the ability to make changes stick – Lauras are experts at working with teams to enable their success – often success beyond their wildest dreams.  We are constantly impressed by the innovation, understanding, and drive from  individual closest to the process at hand (often underestimated by their own management).  Living in the current process provides the necessary insight needed to make the most effective change.

Classroom training is necessary for the introduction of the Lauras tools, but is kept very light and practical.  The rapid lean tools developed by Lauras are highly effective, but also easy to understand, allowing the team the opportunity to spend less time in the War Room and more time where the change must take place. .

Sustain / Maintain

Lauras coaches are committed to sustained results – that means our partners/clients  continue to improve at a rapid pace, long after we have left.  For this to happen, Lauras ensures that the sustainability model and rapid lean tools are understood deep within your organization.

Lauras coaches emphasize the criticality of ensuring that time, ability, and inclination is present throughout the organization to drive towards further improvement.

“After 25 years experience in the steel industry I wondered what the hell these guys could do for me. Now I’m 150% behind this programme – one site has seen a 10% improvement without spending a dollar. It has been a road-to-Damascus experience for me.”

General Manager, leading Australian Steel Manufacturer

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Lauras coaches embed themselves into the clients organization, we become a viable part with an emotional attachment to each clients success.  We act as if this organization is our own business and will not except status quo as the business model.  Lauras coaches drive change and mentor the current staff so they can take over the effort and continue improving the business long after we have left.

By putting ourselves into the same position as the current client from the executive level down to the value added staff we help change and educate the client in such a way that they cannot believe outsiders can understand their unique business that easily.

Many of the conversations and meetings we have the client will notice that we say things like “We should look into this.” Or “We should just call the vendor and ask them.”  We become part of the team on site.  It is important for the client to know we are living and dealing with the same issues they are.  They are not alone in this and together we will not only get through the situation but we will come out well better off than anyone ever thought.