People Engagement

Almost everybody wants to perform well and improve at his or her job, but attaining high performance requires:

  • Sound leadership behaviors
  • Right information, at the right time along with structured management processes
  • Real changes to processes and production lines

On top of that, employees must own the improvement for it to be maintained (and further improved) – and so employees and managers at all levels need to be properly engaged for any improvement program to be successful.

Lauras’ approach focuses on:

  • Building the need for change and improvement skills at the production or process level (Bottom up)
  • Working with management to ensure the systems and behaviors to support the process change exist (Top down)

Knowledge transfer must explain the “Why”, not just the “What”.  Taking time to explain why, and helping people along the path of discovery is critical.  Once training and skills transfer is complete, it’s crucial that people become acclimated to new tools and techniques,  — through on-the-job experiences

Lauras uses the See – Try – Do method to ensure full skills transfer.  It’s not complicated; we don’t give it a fancy name:

  • See one
  • Try one
  • Do one

We think you probably understand how it works…

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