Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This website utilises tracking Cookies that monitor the performance of the website only.  By using this website you agree to Cookies being used.
What Are Cookies? 
Cookies are small amounts of information which Lauras International place on your computer to ensure the website works properly and makes it easier for users to view each page of the site.  The Cookies record the number of visitors received and the pages that have been viewed.In addition, this website utilises Google Analytics to help us improve the accessibility of the information contained and to help us to ensure the website works as it should.  Google Analytics will also add a third-party Tracking Cookie to your computer.  A copy of Google Analytics Cookie Policy can be found here.

Information is collated through Google Analytics and is completely anonymous.  Lauras International does not have access to your computer at any stage.  The information gathered by the Tracking Cookies is reviewed on a regular basis by the Directors of Lauras International to ensure the website is delivering a valuable service to users.

Turning Off Tracking Cookies

All Tracking Cookies can be turned off easily and can be configured through your web browser.  By turning off and rejecting tracking cookies you will be notified if any cookies are set up on your computer.

These settings can be changed easily and we would advise that you visit your internet browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari if you wish to make this change. By rejecting Tracking Cookies, some parts of this website may not work as easily as it should.

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