Cycle Time Reduction (CTR)


“What a difference a second makes” – a quote from an empowered employee.

Just one second over a ten second continuous flow cycle can mean your process runs consistently 10% faster than needed.  This can dictate the difference between comfortably achieving tight schedules —  or  — continually being capacity constrained.

From definition of the current cycle times, quickly through the mapping and optimization progression, the team can quickly visualize the opportunity that exists – a real ‘light-bulb’ moment, where previously the required improvement would not have been pursued.

Detailed visualization of the each stage in the cycle / process, whether a ten second continuous cycle or a two hour non-continuous process, is the key to real understanding of where your opportunity lies.

Application of the optimization stage shows what the improved cycle / process time should be, and what steps need to be taken to achieve the result.

Suitable for all levels on the continuous improvement ladder, both strong and weak, Lauras USA has trained  thousands of employees and managers to use this technique.

To see an example of where this tool has been effectively used please  see our Fruit Packing Case Study.

To find out more about how CTR could help your business, contact us for a meeting.