Changeover and Set-up time Reduction

Business caseMachine Line

  • Large retailer has a number of fruit and vegetable packing facilities that receive product in bulk from producers and re-packages it into retail packs and trays.
  • The site has 21 bagging and tray-packing lines
  • After inspection, sorting, and weighing, the product is seal packed and readied for final shipment
  • The final packs are packed into plastic trays for distribution to the depots

Initial Condition

  • Minimum of 5 changeovers per shift
  • Changeovers and set-up average 31 minutes each

Target Condition

  • Reduce number of changeovers and stoppages per shift
  • Reduce changeovers and set-up times by at least 50%

Planned Activities / Intervention

  • During 10-day workshop the team observed and measured 24 separate changeovers on the lines
  • Identified what was limiting the current changeover cycles
  • Team began to trial potential improvement ideas. After measurement, trials were then analyzed to determine impact on activity and non-activity periods for the various parts of the changeover cycles.
  • Optimal changeover teams (based upon trial performance) were assembled, and additional training given to other operators (based upon skills gap)
  • A skills matrix was produced to aid in knowledge transfer, to establish and maintain standards for future changeover teams

Achieved MetricsRaw Materials

  • Consistent changeover time of 12 minutes achieved
  • Annualized savings of $108,0000 for initial site
  • Additional savings of $248,000 achieved by other manufacturing sites using the same changeover process