Problem Solving (PCS)

Everyone is capable of problem solving; we do it in our day to day lives.

To be effective the problem has to be solved to root cause. Most techniques fall short of this, applying a sticky plaster approach to create a temporary fix. In fact, few people have received in-depth problem solving training, so is it any wonder your problems reappear?

Problem, Cause, Solution (PCS) is a logical problem solving technique that does solve problems to root cause. The tool is so effective it will define multiple root causes where they exist – common for complex, recurring problems.

Our process enables a common problem solving language to be used throughout your business which aids communication between departments.

Lauras USA has trained employees in many industries to  solve real problems that hitherto had gone unresolved. To see practical applications of PCS to improve efficiency and reduce waste see our case studies.

To find out how PCS could help your business, contact us.